識別設計|監察院總體識別提案I Control Yuan CIS Design Proposal I

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This brand design is a conceptual proposal, not a adopted scheme in the end.​




The monitoring system and democracy and human rights are the current trend in the development of constitutionalism in the world. As a debugging program for the government, the Control Yuan also plays an important role as a human rights spokesperson.​

In response to the transformation of the times, it has not only clarified responsibilities again, but also made the power of supervision transparent. It has become an important institution for the implementation and protection of Taiwan human rights policy.​

Not only has it inherited the attitude of fairness, justice, and rigor, but it also hopes to be the support of the people, exercise supervisory powers impartially and honestly, and make the country and the people full of happiness.​

Taking the opportunity of this overall identification update, we have developed a series of identification designs. Although this design work has not been adopted in the end, it still presents the team’s intentions and concepts.​



【Design Process】​
In this proposal, we set several design goals:​
1.Build trust: Make and strengthen the image of fairness and justice of the Control Yuan in the hearts of the people, and deepen the people’s trust and sense of security in the government.​
2.Enhance communication: Through the update of the overall brand image, the mission and goals of the Control Yuan will be clearer and more definite. It can assist the Control Yuan to communicate with the people and society in an all-round way.​
3.Respond expectation: The monuments of the Control Yuan and the people’s expectations of the supervision system and the development of human rights in the new generation will become a new image that is more with world tendency and future development.​

After a lot of data collection and a series of exciting thinking processes, our team finally concluded three core concepts. In addition to symbolizing the past of the Control Yuan, we also look forward to creating a new future: democracy/human rights, fairness/justice, and protection/guarantee.​






【Design Result】​
In addition to combining the three core values, this also takes “Hope = Control Yuan” as concept, uses the visual symbols of “Candlelight and Hope”, strengthens the Control Yuan image as a human rights protector. It incorporates the ambiguous figure style and the existing symbol “fountain pen” that is given the meaning of execution.​

To strengthen the rigidity but softness image in the Control Yuan, the color is selected the amber and gold color, which symbolizes hope, light, and candlelight, pairs up ink black color, which represents equality, neutrality, and justice. The overall is modern and simple, we hoped that can change the government agencies’ stereotype that is traditional and standardized.​

Extending the design of candlelight and fountain pen, we developed two sets of auxiliary graphics, which are suitable for “external image display” and “public exhibitions and events” respectively. The former is designed with “Hope = Control Yuan “, which embodies hope as a candlelight in the window, and strengthens the brand image of Control Yuan bringing light and happiness to the people”.​

The image system is used to give symbols, and the activity system is designed with ” action = the fountain pen ” as the design theme. It is suitable be used when Control Yuan interacting with people, in order to deepen the brand image of the Control Yuan that “focus on communicating with people and taking practical action”. The two auxiliary graphics systems complement each other, the elements of which can be flexibly used, and are suitable for various media and brand application items.​

結案時間 Case Closed-2021.04​
專案企劃 Project Planning-蘇連捷 SU,LIAN-JIE、王彥筑 WANG,YAN-JHU​
設計總監 Executive Design Director-徐志揚 HSU,CHIH-YANG​

協力夥伴 Assistant Partner​
專案顧問 Advisor-林磐聳教授 Professor LIN,PAN-SONG、李億勳教授 Professor LI,YI-SYUN、林宏澤教授 Professor LIN,HONG-ZE​
影像製作 Photo Processing-森林影像 Forest Pictures​

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