CSR|瑞儀光電 2019 企業社會責任報告書 Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation 2019 CSR

手心很榮幸持續獲得瑞儀光電的肯定與信賴,連續五年負責瑞儀光電 CSR 報告書設計,雖然是相同的客戶、相同的案件,得力於手心的眾多設計師,每年在風格及整體調性上皆設定出挑戰目標:我們要讓瑞儀光電的CSR具有品牌識別性與延續性,但每年也都必須要有不同的創新與表現形式!

Hand Heart Design is very honored to be trusted by Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation. It has been responsible for the design of Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation CSR for five consecutive years. Although it is the same customer and almost the same case, this CSR design is so efficient for designers in the Hand Heart Design, but we still want to set a different challenge goal: we want to make the CSR of Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation have their own brand recognition and continuity. In addition, we must have innovation and different forms of expression every year.


在堅持創新與突破的努力下,本次 CSR 的設計主題以企業價值及產業特色為核心,訂定出「永續生活」的主軸概念。封面設計以幾何元素堆疊建構出具視覺律動的意象畫面,象徵瑞儀在社會、環境與經濟之間串聯延展,並將瑞儀光電的英文名首字母融於畫面構圖,透過豐富色彩與畫面構成展現瑞儀光電的多元領域與模組技術,展現不斷求新求變的經營理念。

With the persistence of innovation and breakthrough efforts, this CSR design is based on corporate values and industrial characteristics, and formulated the main concept of “sustainable life”. The cover design uses a stack of geometric elements to construct a rhythmic image, which symbolizes the continuity of Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation between society, environment and economy. We also integrate the English alphabet of Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation on the cover design, showing the rich colors to present multiple industries and module technology of Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation, as well as the business philosophy of constant innovation and change.



In the chapter pages design, the concept of life in the main point is extended, and the images of miniature figures are combined with the main visual geometric figures of this CSR design to create a rich and colorful world view and the professional and sustainable image. According to the theme of each chapter, setting the main color and it is applied to the design of all information charts and tables to integrate the system of this report.

瑞儀光電 2019 社會企業責任報告書線上下載  2019 Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation CSR https://www.radiant.com.tw/resources/zh/images/2019_CSR.pdf

設計師 Designer- 劉家溱 LIOU,JIA-JHEN、潘東 PAN,DONG
專案企劃 Project Planning- 蘇連捷 SU,LIAN-JIE、王彥筑 WANG,YAN-JHU
設計總監 Executive Design Director- 徐志揚 SYU,JHIH-YANG

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