CSR設計 新光人壽2018企業社會責任報告書設計 Shin Kong Life Insurance 2018 CSR

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本 CSR設計 之風格以新光金控去年度的策略主軸「數位新光、行動引航」作為概念發想,利用線與面的構成營造科技未來感,線條的結合也象徵金控公司經濟蓬勃、匯流脈動的主要意象,並在畫面中結合「光」與「心」的視覺符號,引領出集團的發展與未來願景。

The design is based on the of Shin Kong Financial Holdings’ strategic focus from the last year “Digital Shin Kong, Mobile Navigation”, using the composition of lines and surfaces to create a sense of technological future. The merging of lines also symbolizes the booming economy of financial holding company, capturing the main imagery of converging currents. Within the visuals, we’ve integrated symbols representing “light” and “heart”, leading to an illustration of the group’s development and future vision.


Within the inner pages, we’ve used colors to distinguish six different chapters. Accompany by simplified icons made of lines, we aim to visualize information, allowing readers to grasp the content easily. At the same time, supplementary graphics that resonate with the of “light” are used to optimize the inner pages for visual balance.

執行期間 Completion Time – 2019.08

專案經理 Project Manager – 蘇連捷 Lien-chieh, Su
設計師 Designer – 林宜慧 Yi-huei, Lin、盧臆雯 I-wen, Lu
設計總監 Design Director – 徐志揚 Chih-yang, Hsu

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