CSR 設計|新光金控 2019 企業社會責任報告書

本次 的設計主題為「光」,以嶄新的形象開創新的世代,結合「活力新光,樂齡未來」作為核心主軸,將新光集團的溫暖、活力、及對未來金融概念濃縮至整本 CSR 報告書的視覺中。

The main subject for the CSR design is the “light”, to explore and develop the new generation, a brand-new image with the combination of
“The energetic Shinkong – Seniority challenge the era to come” as the core axis. The warm, dynamic Shinkong Group and the concept of finance to the future are all condensed into the vision of the entire CSR report.


封面利用色彩漸層與光影營造生活與智慧科技氛圍,也象徵新光蓬勃、匯流、脈動的主要意象,畫面結合「心」與新光大樓的視覺符號,引領出企業永續發展及社會責任的意象,打造別具品牌特色及社會溝通功能的專業 CSR 報告書。

The covering page was made in color gradient and lights & shadow to construct the atmosphere of living and intelligent technology, it also symbolized the primary indication of Shinkong’s prosperity, the combination of multiple streams, the pulse of the artery, In such an image combine “ the heart” and visional symbol of Shinkong building to bring up the professional CSR report including the impression of running enterprise bearing the long-lasting development and social responsibility, and also build up the characteristics of the brand name and the function of social communication.


內頁延續封面的視覺元素,配合妥善的編排文字資訊層級制定,建構出完整且能充分描述品牌個性的編排方式:以封面主色調為核心,根據章節主題定義各自的主題色彩,並延伸出各自之輔助色系,以強化整本 CSR 之系統性與章節間的差異性。

The inner page is the extension of the visional elements on the covering page along with the properly arranged and ranked text information, To construct the thorough arrangement to fully describe the feature of brand name: The main color tune on the covering page is the core, to define the applied color based on the topic in the respective section and chapter and also extend its own auxiliary color series to enhance the system of the entire book and the differences among the sections and the chapters.

200812 新光金控.CSR.企業社會責任報告書_手心設計_2
200812 新光金控.CSR.企業社會責任報告書_手心設計_7


The main style is gradient and light conscientious color block for the chart and icon, and accompany the simple strips and to present the complicated text message in an articulated and simplified way and tremendously improve the readability of the information.

200812 新光金控.CSR.企業社會責任報告書_手心設計_8
200812 新光金控.CSR.企業社會責任報告書_手心設計_9
200812 新光金控.CSR.企業社會責任報告書_手心設計_10

結案時間 – 2020.08
封面/主視覺設計 – 林宜慧
– 林宜慧、江珮瑜、盧臆雯
設計總監 – 徐志揚
專案管理 – 蘇連捷、王彥筑

2019 CSR 線上下載連結:https://www.skfh.com.tw/skfh_resource/leap_do/gallery/1596703065115/skfh_csrreport_2019_ch.pdf