CSR設計|瑞儀光電2020責任報告書 Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation 2020 CSR design


2020 is the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation. Hand Heart has been responsible the of the Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation CSR for six years. We keep thinking, how to excite with familiar partner again to create more innovative concepts.


Under the back and forth discussion and brainstorming. This revolves around the main point of 25th anniversary and present the image of continuous progress and breakthrough. The gradual and stacked radiance symbolizes the continuous growth of Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation and hope to create the beautiful vision of coexistence and co-prosperity with society. The neat visual vocabulary echoes the corporate philosophy of rigorous, foresight, and professionalism. It presents the energy accumulation of Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation through the 25 years and the expectation for the future.


Each chapter page echoes the subject content of the chapter with an image, and extend the visual elements of the cover, to achieve the integrity and consistency of the entire report. At the same time, use the colors of each chapter to extend the auxiliary color system. Increase the differences between chapters, also avoid the overall color is too colorful and cute. The performance of the icon and the table also inherits the elements of light, gradient on the cover. In addition to strengthening the system of the report, it also makes it more concise and easier to read.

完成時間 – 2021.05

設計總監 – 徐志揚

企劃&專案管理 – 王士豪、王彥筑

設計師 – 李奕臻、盧臆雯

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